Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vocal Jazz

Vocal Jazz Students:

It was great seeing you all at the rehearsal today.  If you couldn't make it, see me and I will get you a folder.  I will post a final roster up on this site tomorrow.  If you want mp3 files, bring me a flash drive.

Once again, just to clarify about the schedule.  There is a full rehearsal every Tuesday from 3-4:30.  The sectional voice part that is listed on the sheet each week will meet separately.  We will plan out this sectional at each rehearsal.  These sectionals will be approx. 45 min long and will allow me to work with each voice part individually.  It works out so that each voice parts has a sectional about once a month.

I know this music may be challenging, but I hope you will all stick with it, practice, and work hard.  This style of music can be extremely fun and rewarding once we learn the music and get the microphones and rhythm section going.  I'm honored to work with you all.

Finally, I highly encourage each of you to meet with me individually at least once sometime either during lunch or right after school to go over your parts!!  Let me know if you need help, and I will always be there for you!

See you all tomorrow -- I'm looking forward to meeting many of your parents at open house!

--Mr. Raymond

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