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Welcome everyone to the Mashpee Middle School Choir Page!  Here you will find a repertoire list, festival information, classroom expectations, and grading policy.  Students will receive this information on the first day in a syllabus.  If there are any questions, please contact me!

2015-2016 Repertoire List


 There will be a Junior District festival that you may choose to audition for.   This is an exciting opportunity for you to potentially work with a variety of incredible conductors and participate in an honors ensemble outside of the school district.    In order to audition, you must either see me or write your name on the signup sheet.  There will be practice sessions for auditions later in the semester.  Anyone may audition for a festival regardless of experience or ability.  Consult the calendar for audition dates and locations.  Please see me if you have any questions!  There is also an All-Cape Junior High choir workshop in the spring.  More details about this festival will be given over the course of the fall semester.

You are to wear a classy all-black outfit.  Either 1) full length dresses or 2) dresses/skirts that are knee length or lower with black tights or 3) black dress pants with a black top. 
Black dress shoes/flats.
No Sleeveless tops. NO Yoga Pants.  No Sneakers.  No low-cut shirts. No Bare midriffs.

Black dress pants, black shoes, black socks.  White dress shirt with a dark tie.  
No White socks.  No Sneakers.  No Sandals.  


1---Be Prepared:  Come into class on time and be prepared for rehearsal with your music and a pencil.  Be focused and ready to work every rehearsal.

2---Don’t lose your music: You are responsible for keeping track of your folder and music…if you feel that you may lose it, leave it in the chorus room!  If there is a problem, please see me.

3---Be Respectful:  I promise to treat all of you with utmost respect and expect the same from you and your peers.  Your opinions and ideas are valuable to me, and I will always consider them.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to meet with me outside of class.  The success of this group will be a team effort, and I expect all of you to collaborate together in a respectful and positive manner. 

4---Actively Participate:  Be attentive and actively involved in rehearsal.  Follow along in the music even when a different part is being rehearsed.  If a part is giving you a hard time, feel free to ask me to go over it again or see me outside of class for help!

5---No Phones/Ipods during rehearsal

6---No Food/Drinks other than water: You are encouraged to bring water to rehearsal.  If you need to use the bathroom or get a quick drink, please do so discretely.

7---Concert Attendance: You must be at every required performance in appropriate concert attire. 

8---Complete Assignments on time: Late work will be marked down unless extreme circumstances arise. 

9---Have Fun:  I have purposely picked a variety of music to try to offer you the best opportunity to enjoy and learn at the same time.  Singing is a valuable skill that you can take with you everywhere you go.  It is my hope that you will greatly benefit from being in this ensemble, and that you will keep an open mind, work hard, and grow as a musician, student, and person throughout the school year.

 Grading System

Class Participation Grade (50%)

Each student begins with 100 points at the beginning of each term.  Points are deducted when students fail to comply with music policies/classroom expectations as stated in the syllabus.  At the end of each quarter the point total determines the class participation grade.  Major problems such as continually forgetting or losing music will deduct up to 5 points.  Smaller behavioral problems will deduct 2 points.

Performance Grade (40%)

Students are REQUIRED to be present at all performances including concerts, community performances, assemblies, graduation, and any other event that arises throughout the school year.  Students will come to performances in appropriate concert dress.  If this is a problem, please see me way in advance! It is essential that we establish a reputation of excellence and professionalism throughout the school and community.  In order to accomplish this, full attendance is essential at all performances!  In the circumstance that you must miss a performance, you must request permission and submit a signed letter from your parents.

Assignment Grade (10%)

There may be assignments periodically. These assignments could take the form of musical reviews, research topics, sight singing, theory, and/or other class work.  Assignments must be completed on time.

Letter Grading System:
90%-100% = A
80%-89%   = B
70%-79%   = C
60%-69%   = D
0%-59%     = F

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