Saturday, November 22, 2014

All-Cape and Senior District Audition Results!

Congratulations to our talented Mashpee High School Vocal, Instrumental, and String students on a fantastic week of auditions!  Whether you made it in or not, these auditions are a learning experience, and I am very proud of the work you all put in! That being said, it is my pleasure to announce the results of auditions this year:

James Boyd -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Maria Costa -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Stephen Ross -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Brynne Santos -Choir
Gabrielle Carroll -Band

Treble Choir
Maria Costa

Mixed Choir
Eric McKelvey
James Boyd
Stephen Ross
Chris Hatch
Ashley Welch
Brynne Santos
Miranda Martone
Sierra Donovan

Monday, November 3, 2014

Audition Updates for Students and Parents


November is upon us!  As we head towards the home stretch of preparing for honors festival auditions, I wanted to pass along some information and updates.


All-Cape: Wednesday November 19th, Falmouth HS, 4PM Audition Time (Meetup right after school) 
Senior District: Saturday November 22, King Phillip HS, 11AM Audition Time (Bus approx 9:00AM)
Junior District: Saturday December 6, Furnace Brook, 9:15AM Audition Time (Bus approx 7:15AM)
 (Tentative Return Home Times: All-Cape (6:00pm), SR Districts (1:30pm), JR Districts (11:30am) )

Students grades 7-9 who are interested in Junior Districts: now is the time to start turning in Junior District forms and money ($15 cash or check made out to Mashpee High School).  At the moment, I have a large number of students interested -- I can only take 6 of each voice part: SATB.  Whoever turns in their forms and money first will be registered (followed by oldest to youngest grades).   

At this point, I have almost all Senior District and All-Cape forms and money!  There are still spots available for Senior District if anyone is interested in auditioning!! Please let me know this week or early next week at the latest.  All you need is a completed form and $15 audition fee. 


After your audition, I will find out the results within a day or two.  Students who are accepted will eventually receive a folder of music, and will travel together to the honors festivals next spring.  Students will miss a day of school and be transported to and from the festival, however, they will need to be picked up after the concert on the final Saturday.  The dates of each festival are listed below:

All Cape HS Festival: February 5-7 (concert Sat. Feb 7)
Senior District Festival: January 9-10 (concert Sat. Jan 10)
Junior District Festival: March 6-7 (concert March 7)