Monday, April 14, 2014

April Updates!

Students and Parents:

Congratulations on a fantastic month of April!  Our High School vocal program had a very successful Cabaret Night and many of our middle school singers participated in the All-Cape Junior High Choral Workshop!  It has been a busy but very rewarding month. 

Again, a huge thank you to all of our raffle donors and parent volunteers that helped make our Cabaret Night a big success!  If anyone has any pictures from the show, please email them to me: .  I have video recordings of all the performances if anyone would like one.

Looking ahead, we have the following dates coming up in May & June:

May 1: MHS Vocal Jazz Performs at the All-Cape Jazz Festival @ Mashpee High School: 7:00pm
May 5: MHS Vocal Jazz Performs at the Town Meeting @ Mashpee High School: 7:00pm
May 10: MHS Chamber Choir and Vocal Jazz to Six Flags for the Great East Festival: All Day
May 20: MHS Band and Chorus Concert: @ Mashpee High School (All High School Vocal Groups)
May 23: MHS Vocal Jazz and MMS Select Chorus: Pastabilities Night @ Southport
June 7: MHS Chamber Choir Performs @ Graduation
June 11: MMS Band and Chorus Concert @ Mashpee High School (Both Middle School Vocal Groups)

I hope everyone has a fantastic April vacation and comes back ready for our final performances of the year!

Pictures from the All-Cape Junior High Choral Workshop:

MASHPEE MIDDLE SCHOOL SINGERS: Lilly, Alison, Adrianna, Haley, Adriana, Remi, Krista, Kaya
2014 All-Cape Junior High Chorus

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cabaret Nite 2014!

Students and Parents:

Cabaret Nite 2014 is upon us!  The show will take place tomorrow (Friday) at 7:00pm.  As we begin the final preparations, I wanted to fill you all in on the details and see if any of you are available to help volunteer in any way.  Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated!!  This should be a really fun event that will raise money for our vocal music program.

-- The show starts at 7:00pm and I would like to begin setting up and preparing at 6:00pm.  I ask that all students involved please arrive around 6:00pm to help with setup.  

-- I will need parents to help me primarily with the admission cash box, raffle table, and tickets.

-- If anyone has any raffle item they would like to donate it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

-- Also any parents or students who would like to bake anything or bring in any food items would also be greatly appreciated!!!

-- We will have a table for baked goods and drinks...students will serve these out on the tables around 7:00pm, just in time for the show to begin.  When the show starts, there will be a first half program followed by an intermission (for people to get food/drinks and buy raffle tickets).  There will be a second half program, then the raffle winners will be announced, and then we will close with a full group number.

-- I am currently in the process of finalizing the program and getting all the supplies in order

Please let me know if you have any questions:

Thank you everyone for all your help and assistance!  This will be a great event!
--Mr. Raymond