Monday, April 14, 2014

April Updates!

Students and Parents:

Congratulations on a fantastic month of April!  Our High School vocal program had a very successful Cabaret Night and many of our middle school singers participated in the All-Cape Junior High Choral Workshop!  It has been a busy but very rewarding month. 

Again, a huge thank you to all of our raffle donors and parent volunteers that helped make our Cabaret Night a big success!  If anyone has any pictures from the show, please email them to me: .  I have video recordings of all the performances if anyone would like one.

Looking ahead, we have the following dates coming up in May & June:

May 1: MHS Vocal Jazz Performs at the All-Cape Jazz Festival @ Mashpee High School: 7:00pm
May 5: MHS Vocal Jazz Performs at the Town Meeting @ Mashpee High School: 7:00pm
May 10: MHS Chamber Choir and Vocal Jazz to Six Flags for the Great East Festival: All Day
May 20: MHS Band and Chorus Concert: @ Mashpee High School (All High School Vocal Groups)
May 23: MHS Vocal Jazz and MMS Select Chorus: Pastabilities Night @ Southport
June 7: MHS Chamber Choir Performs @ Graduation
June 11: MMS Band and Chorus Concert @ Mashpee High School (Both Middle School Vocal Groups)

I hope everyone has a fantastic April vacation and comes back ready for our final performances of the year!

Pictures from the All-Cape Junior High Choral Workshop:

MASHPEE MIDDLE SCHOOL SINGERS: Lilly, Alison, Adrianna, Haley, Adriana, Remi, Krista, Kaya
2014 All-Cape Junior High Chorus

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