Saturday, November 22, 2014

All-Cape and Senior District Audition Results!

Congratulations to our talented Mashpee High School Vocal, Instrumental, and String students on a fantastic week of auditions!  Whether you made it in or not, these auditions are a learning experience, and I am very proud of the work you all put in! That being said, it is my pleasure to announce the results of auditions this year:

James Boyd -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Maria Costa -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Stephen Ross -Choir- All-State Recommendation
Brynne Santos -Choir
Gabrielle Carroll -Band

Treble Choir
Maria Costa

Mixed Choir
Eric McKelvey
James Boyd
Stephen Ross
Chris Hatch
Ashley Welch
Brynne Santos
Miranda Martone
Sierra Donovan

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