Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great Rehearsal Today!

Vocal Jazz:

Great rehearsal today everyone!  Keep up the great work.  We've gotten through all the Berklee pieces, now we need to keep working to refine them.  My goal is in a few weeks to combine with the rhythm section and start rehearsing with mics so we get a feel for it.  Start practicing your parts at home!!  Those of you who didn't make it to rehearsal today...I want to see you all individually sometime after school within the next week.  Also we will be having sectionals during lunch every "Day 7" schedule.  Next up will be Altos on October 1st.  Spend the first ten minutes of your lunch eating (or bring your lunch to the choir room!) Then we will rehearse for the last ten minutes or so of lunch time.

Reminder: All-District/All-Cape audition practice tomorrow (Wednesday) after school.

Check out the video below.  If our group remains as large as it currently is, we will most likely be positioned in this way with two rows on risers with area mics.  (In the future, my plan will be to get the group down to individual microphones). 

The video is of the Fryeburg Academy Vocal Jazz Ensemble on one of the years that they won first at Berklee:

See you all at school!  Have a great rest of the week! -- Mr. Raymond

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