Thursday, September 12, 2013

News and notes


It was a pleasure meeting many of your parents at the open house last night!  Hopefully we will have many of your parents out helping this year in all of our various events, performances, and festivals.

 Thanks to all of you who showed up to All-District/All-Cape Practice and Vocal Jazz this week.  We will have rehearsals next week at the same times (Vocal Jazz: Tues 3-4:30 .... All-Cape/District: Wed 2-3pm)

Sign up for Coffeehouse night and help me recruit performers.  This can be any kind of performance including: singing, guitar, piano, instruments, poetry reading, stand-up comedy... as long as it's appropriate!  Again...please sign the list and tell your friends!  

Those of you on the national anthem roster -- please stop by sometime and sing it once through for me, and then I'll begin assigning you out sporting events.  Alexis and Brynne - you sang it for me today so you're all set.  There is an event happening on Friday October 20th that I will need an upperclassman who drives to sing the national anthem at.  It will take place at 1:30 at a firehouse.  I will give more details in class.

Thanks for all your hard work in class...both choirs are starting to really come along!  If you ever want individual help on any of your music, please feel free to see me anytime.

--Mr. Raymond

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