Friday, November 22, 2013

Senior District Auditions


A couple reminders for senior district auditions Saturday:

Rachel and Alexis -- dont forget to bring your permission slips with you!!!

Meeting at Mashpee High School at 12 Noon Saturday.  Traveling by bus to King Phillip High School.  We should be back sometime around 5pm or so. 

Remember to dress formally!  I will have hard copies of the song with me for anyone who doesn't have memorized -- you cannot use a photocopy in your audition.  Hopefully everyone knows the song by memory -- in this case you won't need to bring any music in.

When we arrive, we will get registered and warm up.  Choir students will head to their warmup area.  Audition time for Mashpee is set for 2:45pm.

Best of luck everyone.  No matter what happens, I am very proud of you all and of all the hard work you have done learning and practicing the music for these auditions.  You all represent Mashpee well and are helping to grow the reputation and tradition of our vocal program.  Have fun, be excited, and good luck to you all!

--Mr. Raymond

-Mr. Raymond

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