Thursday, November 14, 2013


Congratulations to all those who auditioned for the All-Cape festival last night!  You all did a phenomenal job! At the moment, I am still awaiting results, but I will post them here as soon as they are announced.  You should all be very proud of the work you have put into preparing for these auditions. 

A huge thank you to Key Club, Tri-M, and all the students who helped make the auditions run smoothly and successfully!!!

We now turn our attention to Senior District auditions.  Starting Monday of next week, we will begin working hard toward Senior District Auditions which will take place Saturday November 23rd.  We will have a group practice after school Wednesday -- however you are welcome to come any night after school next week for individual help.  On Saturday morning, we will leave by bus to travel to King Philip High School.  There we will warmup together and then audition -- similar to All-Cape.  Please see me for any individual help between now and then!!

Again, great job everyone, and I will post the results as soon as I receive them!

--Mr. Raymond

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