Friday, October 25, 2013


Preparations are in full swing for All-Cape and Senior Southeast District

Please get your forms filled out, signed, and turned in by Friday November 1st
(note: you don't have to get the money to me by then, but it would help!!)
There will be another deadline for money soon...for now get your forms in by Friday Nov 1st. 

These festivals provide an exciting opportunity for you to audition and hopefully get selected to join many other talented singers from all over the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts to sing in a select honors choir at a festival.  This group will feature a guest conductor, outstanding music, and will be an incredibly memorable, educational, and inspirational experience!

I will begin registering students next week.  You need to turn in the registration form as well as the audition fee.  The school will pay the acceptance fee and provide transportation in the event that you get accepted.  All-Cape audition fee is $5 and Senior District is $15.  If you are doing both = $20.  If you hand in the forms, you are responsible for paying the audition fee.  Turn in your forms ASAP!

Again the audition and festival dates are as follows:

All Cape Cod (Grade 9-12)
-          Auditions: November 13 – Mashpee HS (3:30pm)
-          Festival: Jan 30-Feb 1 – TBA

Senior Southeast District (Grade 9-12)
-          Auditions: Nov 23 – King Philip HS (Wrentham)
-          Festival: Jan 10-11 – Silver Lake HS (Kingston)

Junior Southeast District (Grade 7-9)
-          Auditions: Dec 7 –Furnace Brook MS (Wrentham)
-          Festival: March 7-8 – Attleboro High School

All State Music (Grade 9-12) -- Auditions decided based on Senior Southeast
-          Auditions: Jan 25 – Shrewsbury HS
-          Festival: March 20-23 – Boston

All Cape Cod Jazz Choir (Grade 9-12)
-          Auditions: Feb 12 – DY High School
-          Festival: April 30-May1 – Mashpee HS 

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