Tuesday, June 23, 2015

End Of The Year Updates!

Summer vacation is finally upon us!  It has been a great school year filled with many memorable performances and great accomplishments.  As we begin to look ahead to the 2015-2016 school year, I invite you to please keep checking in to the website for updates throughout the summer.

STUDENTS: Please check your schedules and make sure you have chorus listed.  If you do not have chorus on your schedule, please email/speak with Mrs. Farrell: pfarrell@mashpee.k12.ma.us

- All rising 7th graders (including those in band and/or strings should take Period 5: MS Chorus
- All rising 8th grade singers should take Period 2: Concert Choir
- All rising 9th grade singers (who are not in Strings) should take Period 2: Concert Choir
-  Rising grade 8-12 singers who are taking Strings should take Period 6: Chamber Choir (you will switch off each day from strings to chamber choir)
- Rising grade 10-12 singers should take Period 6: Chamber Choir (unless you can't fit it, then take Concert Choir)

Some of the many updates that will come over summer break include:

-  The 2015-2016 Calendar has been (and will continue to be) updated.  Please click the Calendar tab to preview the upcoming dates of performances and festivals for next year. 

-  The audition music for the honors festivals, Junior Districts (grades 7-9) and All-Cape/Senior District (grades 9-12) is now posted outside the Chorus room!  Please make sure you take a copy before you leave for break -- and practice over the summer!!  All festival recordings and audition information can be found on the website: www.semmea.org (find the tabs for the festival that pertains to you)  Remember, All-Cape uses the same audition song as Senior Districts)  Audition signup lists will be posted at the start of the school year - anyone is welcome to audition!

-  Detailed Audition information for the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Junior Select Choir will be posted in August, Audition music for Vocal Jazz is now posted outside the chorus room on the bulletin board, and may be picked up anytime this summer.  The link for the recording of the vocal jazz audition song can be found by clicking here: "I Can't Make You Love Me by Kerry Marsh"  (the audition excerpt is from 2:42-3:50, you will sing your voice part) Audition signup lists will be posted at the start of the school year.

-  New Curriculum information will be posted on the Choir pages on this website around late July/early August.  An even more structure chorus curriculum plan with units and lessons is being constructed and will be posted as soon as it is complete.  This will include detailed Syllabi for all fall courses which will be posted on this site.

-  As repertoire is chosen, I will do my best to post links to audio/video clips so you can familiarize yourself with the music prior to the school year

If you ever have any questions, especially related to Scheduling or Auditions for the fall, please feel free to email me at: braymond@mashpee.k12.ma.us

Thank You and Check Back Often for Updates!
On behalf of the entire Mashpee Music Department, have a wonderful Summer Vacation!

-Mr. Raymond

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