Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All-Cape Music Festival

Parents and Students:

The 2015 All-Cape Music Festival is taking place Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week at Monomoy Regional High School in Harwich.  This should be a fantastic experience to make high quality music with a renowned guest conductor!  I want to take a moment to pass along all the pertinent information.

-- The festival is not providing meals.  Students need to pack a meal for dinner Thursday, and lunch on BOTH Friday and Saturday. 

-- Concert Dress: Black on Bottom, White on Top, Black Shoes (Boys: No Bow ties or sneakers...Girls: no sneakers, no ugg boots, no yoga pants or black leggings as concert attire)

If there are any changes due to weather, I will post updates/changes here!  If there are no updates, assume the following times below are accurate!

THURSDAY: Students will be leaving right after school and rehearsing until approximately 7:30pm.  We will return to Mashpee as soon as rehearsals are over.

FRIDAY: We will be leaving at 9:00 am after the final morning mid-term.  Rehearsals will last throughout the day until 3:00pm.

SATURDAY:  We will be meeting up at the school at 7:00am.  Parents will need to pickup students after the Saturday concert.  The concert times are as follows: CHOIR: 1:00pm,   BAND/STRINGS: 3:00pm

Any questions/comments please email me:

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