Friday, September 19, 2014

Junior Select Chorus

Thank you to everyone who tried out!  We had a great turn-out!  Unfortunately, due to the high amount of students who auditioned, I wasn't able to accept everyone.  Please know that if you weren't selected this fall, there may be openings in the spring, and you will definitely have opportunities to join in the future.  Auditioning is a learning experience, and I am very proud of all the students who turned out to audition!

Please note: Rehearsals start next Wednesday and go from 2:15-3:30pm.  We may have occasional rehearsals on other days to accommodate fall athletes.  When fall sports are over, it is very important that everyone is at all the rehearsals.  If you can't make a rehearsal you must let me know in advance!  Skipping rehearsals will cause you to be out of the group.  Additionally, it is equally important to be focused in rehearsals with a positive attitude.
Mashpee Junior Select Chorus 2014-2015

Soprano 1
Adrianna Briggs-Mitrokostas
Geovanna Pereira
Krista Signs 
Alyssa Johnson
Kaya Carey
Maddeline Cross
Samantha Hennessey

Soprano 2
Remi Shea
Krista Murray
Alison Landry
Kylie Harrington
Kylie Howard
Hannah Shields

Ambrosia Ward
Kaylee McCarthy
Kelley Skantz  
Natalia Rimple
Megan Pons
Sophia Ortiz

Shane Barros

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